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Theater Arts


We worship and serve a creative God.  We are His creation, along with everything else, and He created us in His image.  Thus, we are to be creative.  God gave each of us multiple talents and we are to use those talents to glorify Him.  ETCA strives to use drama to open the door to as many of them as possible.

Drama is not just about acting.  In drama, we explore pantomime and improvisation, movement and voice, writing, directing, and theater etiquette.  We also learn about design and construction of scenery and props and we work with lighting, sound, costumes and makeup in order to better understand what goes on behind the scenes.  These are just a few of the elements that go into the final, finished performance of a play.

The ETCA Drama Team is named RED NOSES and was created to carry on the goals and traditions of the “original’ Red Noses from the mid-14th century.  Red Noses began in the year 1348 in France, during the height of the black plague, with a monk who had received a word from God.  The monk, Marcel Flote, had witnessed all of the pain and grief and sorrow that the plague was causing and prayed that God would show him the cure for this terrible disease.  Instead, God gave Flote the cure for the pain, grief and sorrow.  He told Flote to put on a red nose, cast aside convention and to make people laugh and fill them with joy.  Through jokes, pranks, magic, prat falls & song, people were starting to forget about their troubles, even if only for a short time. As he began to bring some of the other monks into his group, this became a full time ministry.   Through a word from God to bring joy and peace to a dying world came the beginning of clowns and circuses as we know them today.  Flote’s decision to follow God ultimately cost him his life.  Our group, Red Noses, has the same ultimate purpose, to bring joy to those around us that are hurting and lost.  In doing this, we want to promote skills and knowledge of theatre arts and encourage personal growth and creative thought in our members through educational theatre.