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History of ETCA

ETCA Timeline
Founded in 1979, ETCA is a private school that teaches Christian education in a loving, supportive environment for students aged 3 years through 12th grade. Our mission is to provide every student with outstanding academics, character training, and excellence in all we do for the glory of God. We accomplish this with dedicated faculty and staff who use the word of God as often as they use the textbook. 
Accreditation History
In 1984, ETCA became one of the first private schools in the East Texas area to be accredited by the Texas Education Agency.
Accreditation was maintained through TEA until the state of Texas changed its private school accreditation policy. An umbrella association of the TEA was formed to oversee private school accreditation as the state would no longer be directly part of the process. Since that time, all private school accrediting entities in Texas are required to be a member of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC) in order to be recognized as accredited by the state.
There are approximately twelve private school accrediting agencies that are recognized by TEPSAC. ETCA is a member of the National Christian School Association (NCSA), which was one of the first organizations to be formed when TEPSAC was created. It is composed of over 100 Church of Christ affiliated schools and was modeled after existing accreditation agencies. The standards are thorough, rigorous, and demanding.
ETCA has been accredited through the NCSA since 1990.