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ETCA's daily devotional for secondary students, faculty and staff
FOCUS is our daily devotional for students, faculty and staff.  This time of praise, prayer and teaching takes place every day (except Friday) following second period.
The mission of FOCUS is to "provide opportunities for students and faculty to connect with Christ and each other."
F - Faculty. It’s important that we emphasize the importance of helping supply the staff with spiritual direction and nourishment each day.
O - Orientation. Part one of our mission.  This devotional time calls us back to Christ each day, and reminds us of who we are because of what He has done.
C - Christ, the center of our worship - who we are oriented towards and united in.
U - United. Part two of our mission. This devotional time provides a unique opportunity for people with different racial, economic and religious backgrounds to come together as one, praising our Lord and offering encouragement to one another.
S - Students. They’re why we do what we do. We’re given the amazing responsibility of helping them develop a personal relationship with their Creator.
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