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ETCA's twice-weekly devotional time for elementary students
Every Tuesday and Thursday all of our elementary students gather together for chapel.  This is a time of praise, song, scripture, prayer, and teaching.  Students love singing silly songs, such as "Peace Like a River," "Making Melodies In My Heart," and "Get Right Church," to name a few.  They also use the melodies of song to increase their knowledge of the scriptures.  Through song they learn the names of the entire Old and New Testaments, the names of Jesus' disciples, the names of the judges, and the fruits of the Spirit.  Students are given opportunities to practice spiritual leadership by leading the assembly in prayer and reading scripture.  This time also involves expositional teaching designed to center the students' and teachers' hearts on the Lord and His calling for their lives. Chapel time goes hand-in-hand with the daily Bible lessons taught in each elementary classroom.


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