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Understanding Children from Planet Z – The Culture Translator


Remember years ago when “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” was introduced in an effort to help the genders to communicate with each other.  Well, I’m looking for the book to help us from Planet Earth to communicate with children from Planet Z!  Demographers refer to children born in this current millennium as “Generation Z” [they are the children of Generation X – parents born 1965 to 1982 – and Millennials – those born 1983 to 2000; we grandparents are Boomers having arrived post World War II until 1964].
Have you ever wondered if you need a translator to be able to understand this first generation of digital natives?  Their culture and their way of communicating sometimes makes me feel like I am visiting a foreign country.  I mean, why text someone who is right next to you?  Or, why would I feel like you’re not taking seriously what I am saying just because you have your wireless earbuds in?!  And don’t get me started on Pop Culture!  Have you ever thought that the Old Order Amish might just have a good idea there?!
As a parent or grandparent, would you like someone to help you understand your Gen Z child and the culture in which he or she is growing up?  Especially, as a Christ-follower, I want to help this child successfully negotiate growing up in an invasive culture that challenges Biblical standards of right and wrong, that defends antagonism toward God, and promotes “alternative lifestyles” – but I don’t even understand how this post-modern culture thinks!
Let me introduce you to a marvelous resource:  The Axis Experience Team (a collection of believers in their 20’s and 30’s who have accepted the mission of speaking Truth in and through modern culture) is actively producing resources to help Christian parents and educators understand the world of their Gen Z children and help us help this generation negotiate the bumps and potholes on the road of Pop Culture.  Especially insightful is a free weekly email called The Culture Translator that does just that – it translates what is happening in Pop Culture so we can understand the latest music, the trending videos, the addictiveness of the most popular games, the newest apps, Satan’s cutting-edge attacks on our Christian homes.  For example, in a recent issue of The Culture Translator, Axis discusses why our children might see the recent changes with the Boy Scouts differently than we would, the latest in a popular Netflix series, a new app for gamers, and an interesting take on Avengers: Infinity War.
Check it out - See the current and past issues at -  If you want to sign-up go to
Oh, but be forewarned, they also make suggestions on how adults too can meander successfully through the mind-numbing media of modern culture.  It’s kind of hard to fix some problems when we are part of the problem.
Dr. Michael E. Weimer
Head of School