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Head of School Thoughts

“It’s not whether you win or lose,
but how you play the game develop character.”
Yes, I’ve changed that old quote; I did it to make a point.  Have you ever heard the old saying, “I can’t hear what you are saying because your actions are speaking too loud”?  Is there any area when working with youth that is more important than our example?  Do our actions, especially in the heat of the moment, support what we say?  Do we practice what we preach?
Recently, our ETCA baseball team forfeited a game.  As the game progressed, the behavior, gestures, and language of the other team became increasingly inappropriate.  ETCA veteran baseball coach, Keith Glass, counseled our players not to respond in kind.  And he mentioned the behavior to the coach of the other team - but without effect.
Then toward the end of the game, a close play at second inflamed even more inappropriate and even lewd behavior from the other dugout.  Coach Glass resolutely told the home plate umpire we were leaving; called his players to our dugout and told them to pack up their gear; apologized to our fans for what they witnessed; and the Panthers Baseball Team left the field.
As Coach Glass explained to me later, “sometimes you just have to send the message that some things are more important than winning a baseball game.  Our parents and fans did not need to see that kind of behavior.  Our players need to know that we are serious about the standards of behavior that we expect – even from our opponents.”
Yeah, I hate to lose.  But, on that baseball afternoon, Coach Glass and the Panther baseball team were winners in the game of life.
If “Christian” is going to be part of our school name, then we better be serious about honoring that name.  If you’re going to “play ball” with the Panthers, we are watching more than just pitch counts and how many runs cross the plate.  Well done, Coach Glass.
Dr. Michael E. Weimer
Head of School