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Academic Competitions

Last year more ETCA students than ever participated in the TAPPS State Academic Competition in Waco, Texas.  In addition, students competed in more events than in previous years.
The 2016-2017 Middle School Academic Challenge Quiz team competed against Carlisle on November 17. They won the match by a score of 410 to 215. Team members were Joseph Carpenter, Abigail Lloyd, Matthew Vaughn, Kaley McKinney, Cole Easling, and Braylee Glasscock.
2016-2017 Mindset Breaking Experience teams:
High School - Ryan Swinney, Sebastian Nichols, Carson Conner, Taylor Guyton, and Andrew Mahoney
Middle School - Joseph Carpenter, Zach Snyder, Matthew Vaughn, Naina Kiarie, Kaley McKinney, and Hayden Crymes
Elementary - Eden Tannery, Aden Smith, Jared Garner, Molly Vaughn, Lane Scarborough, Sarah Bazzell, and Kean Smith 
Congratulations to our Elementary team on their First Place win at the finals!  

Academic competitions are a way for students to discover and develop their specific talents at ETCA. Individual events can challenge students and help them determine what field they want to study in college or give them valuable experience to help with college entrance exams.  Group events help students learn to work collaboratively.  ETCA provides many options for students to participate in academic competitions.  All grade levels are given opportunities and there is a wide range of events for all students to choose from. 
Competition Events – Elementary
ETSF/Academic Rodeo:
Agriculture Identification Contest 
Art Contest 
Computer Science Fair  - Desktop Publishing or Multimedia              
Engineering Challenge 
Kinder Critters Contest 
Mathletics – 2 teams              
Mindset Breaking Experience 
Science Fair – Class Display
Science Fair  - Experimental or Models and Demonstrations or Drawing/Illustration
Spelling Bee 
Writing Contest 
Youth Fashion Show 
Competition Events – Middle School
ETSF/Academic Rodeo:
Ag ID Contest
Art Contest 
Computer Science Fair  - Desktop Publishing or Multimedia or Digital Video or Web Page Design
Engineering Challenge 
Mindset Breaking Experience 
Science Fair – Experimental or Models and Demonstrations or Drawing/Illustration
Writing Contest
Youth Fashion Show  – Construction or Smart Buying, Non-traditional Construction
Competition Events – High School
ETSF/Academic Rodeo:
Ag ID Contest 
Art Contest 
Computer Science Fair 
Mindset Breaking Experience 
Science Fair Experimental 
Science Fair Models 
Scientific Drawings and Illustrations 
Writing Contest 
Youth Fashion Show 
TAPPS – Fine Arts/Academics:
Number Sense                           
Original Oratory
Persuasive Speaking
Prose Interpretation
Poetry Interpretation
Ready Writing
Social Studies
Solo Acting
TAPPS Events  - Fine Arts/Art:
Drawing – Black and White
Drawing – Color
Communication Design
Computer Rendered Art
Applied Design
Relief/2D Mixed Media
Photography – Creative and Experimental
Photography – Black and White
Photography – Color
Fashion Design, Textile Arts and Craft Design, and Jewelry Design
Pottery, Ceramics and Plastic Arts
Senior Portfolio
On-Site Drawing

Wall of Winners

Duke University TIP
(Talent Identification Program)
Ten ETCA students qualified for the Duke University Talent Identification program for the 16-17 school year.  Students qualify for the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search by achieving a score in the 95th percentile on a qualifying exam. Seventh graders who score above 95% on areas of the Stanford exam qualify and are able to take the ACT or SAT.  For more info go to Duke University's website.
Recent qualifiers are:
Hudson Layne
Lane Scarbrough
Kean Smith
Molly Vaughn
Cole Easling
Kayla Ford
Mason Parsley
Dallas Wood
Kaley McKinney
Breela Moore