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A Distinctively Different Christian Leadership Academy
Preparing Students to lead and change the world
Opportunities to lead beyond the classroom
At ETCA, strong Biblical character training is at the heart of leadership development
Preparing students academically and training them with leadership tools to use their knowledge

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ETCA is a distinctively different Christian leadership academy. ETCA provides a complete education that centers on three areas of education in a student's life - academic excellence, Biblical worldview and leadership development.

Our mission is to provide Academics that equip every child with educational and biblical knowledge; Character building and training that enhances the uniqueness of each student; and Excellence in all we do for the glory of God. We accomplish this mission with dedicated faculty and staff who integrate the word of God in every subject and intentionally invest in each child by building leadership principles in every subject taught.  No matter what grade your child is in, ETCA has a clear goal...


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A Fine Young Man


The other night, I watched my son play his last basketball game.  I watched with pride as he scored in double digits and played hard all the way until the end.    Basketball has always been his favorite sport since he was little.  As I watched his game that night, I reminisced back to the first time he played on the goal we got him for Christmas.  That first day as I watched and played with my kids in the driveway, my five year old son dribbled all over the place and would heave the ball into the air - sometimes hitting the goal, rarely getting a ball in the goal, and mostly hitting nothing close to the goal.  I was amazed however at his ability to dribble a basketball between his legs while he exclaimed, “I’m Dirk Nowitski!”....

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Thought for the Day

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to... more

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